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Blue Velvet Shrimp

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    Common Name: Blue Velvet shrimp, blue jelly shrimp
    Scientific name: Neocaridina davidi
    Maximum Size: 1.5"

    Water Parameters:
    pH 6.5 - 7.5
    gH 8 - 12
    kH 0 - 8
    TDS 250 - 300
    Temperature 72 – 78F

    Shipping Size: 1/4" - 1"

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    1. Delivery took a while, one shrimp died on the first day

      The shrimp took a week to deliver despite being in the same state as SoShrimp (NY), which wasn't particularly amazing but that's alright I guess. One of the shrimp died overnight when we put it in the tank for whatever reason (the others are still alive thankfully). Unfortunately I believe all of the shrimps are males so I will not be able to breed them myself through my order of 5 alone. Overall the shrimp are fine but it wasn't the best first impression. Debating whether to purchase from here again in the future or if I should stick with any alternative shrimp buying websites. on 10th Jun 2018

    2. Not SoShrimp's Fault

      First order, and given the situation, I am satisfied. I ordered 10 shrimp, received 10 shrimp. Package arrived a day late, 2 DOA, 1 dead during drip acclimation. To be fair, the late arrival was USPS's fault and its currently almost 100 degrees in my city, so the fact that they didn't all die was a pleasant surprise.

      Since this was my first order, I didn't see the DOA policy until I already opened the bag, but even if I did take the pictures of the unopened bag, the shipping cost would make it not worth it, as I can get 2 shrimp for less than $12 at my LFS. At least they have a DOA policy though.
      on 7th Jun 2018

    3. some are still alive

      I bought 10 shrimp and I received 13 so that was great! But now in my 3 gallon tank I only see 4-5 alive at most and it has been less than a week. In my tank ammonia, nitrate, and nitrite is 0 so I know that it isn’t my water. Maybe they were just stressed out, hopefully the rest do alright ! on 26th May 2018

    4. i love buying from SoShrimp!

      Had ordered like 3 times already and each time shrimps arrive all alive and happy, no DOA at all, and all seem to be super healthy and a higher grade than they actualy advertise.. on 26th Apr 2018

    5. gorgeous shrimp!

      This is my 5th set of shrimp from SoShrimp, and I know I will be back for more! I've never had a casualty, and they arrive safely and quickly! Nice intense color and size. on 23rd Mar 2018

    6. Very Blue!

      I surprised how deep of a blue they were. I seen some other blue velvets that light in color but these have a nice bright blue to them. on 16th Mar 2018

    7. Amazing packaging, great shrimp.

      Due to no fault of the sender my package was delayed. I thought the poor shrimp were goners. When they finally arrived I was veyong delighted to find all 5 still very alive. They have been introduced to a shrimp only tank and acclimated very well so far. Excellent blue colour. on 8th Mar 2018

    8. WOW

      these are so cute, lovely color and very active. A must have. on 1st Mar 2018

    9. arrived alive died the first couple days

      I like him his water parameters are exactly the same as mine here in Tampa. I dropped $100 for on 5 blue diamond and 5 blue velvet. The expensive blue diamonds are still alive and well. I ordered February 17th and receive them February 24th. This is the first week and I've already had to die off on the blue velvet. I drip acclimated them and everything was golden I have all my lights and everything's on timers and I constantly check my water parameters cuz I have very expensive shrimp in the tanks. I don't know why these two (blue velvets) died off the first couple days after receiving them. Had to be stressed because there was a berried female and of course she threw her eggs and they got all swole up in abandon. And that was my only request in the order instructions was that I get some breeding pairs or at least they berried female. Damn the luck =/ on 28th Feb 2018

    10. Great!

      Shrimp came quickly and had an extra!
      All shrimp were doing really awesome! Highly recommend!
      on 1st Feb 2018

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