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Dream Blue Velvet Shrimp

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    Common Name: Dream Blue velvet, dreamy blue, blue dream
    Scientific name: Neocaridina davidi
    Maximum Size: 1.5"

    Water Parameters:
    pH 6.5 - 7.5
    gH 8 - 12
    kH 0 - 5
    TDS 250 - 300
    Temperature 72 – 78F

    Shipping Size: 1/4" - 1"

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    1. Great looking shrimp

      The shrimp arrived if good shape, and are absolutely stunning. They are healthy and active. My one complaint would be that my order took 10 days from the day I submitted it to when I received the shrimp. This may have been in part USPS fault however. on 31st May 2018

    2. great looking shrimp!

      they arrived quickly in great shape and have been thriving.
      cannot wait to order more.
      on 27th Apr 2018

    3. Great Product and Service

      All of my shrimp came alive and active. All of them have great color, and are so much fun to watch! Every question I had before purchasing was answered promptly, which is always appreciated. They even notified me of a delay in shipping because temps were getting around -30. Good judgement on their part, I'm glad they had their health in mind. Great experience all around! on 21st Jan 2018

    4. all live excellent product

      excellent shrimps i keeping do businesses on 13th Jan 2018

    5. Great Shrimp

      These things came in 2 days, all alive and well, they even threw in a bonus. I've had them for about a month now, and now that I can tell they sent a nice ratio of males to females (2:4), but I think that was just the luck of the draw. They are a nice beautiful blue, like the picture, and all came very healthy. My tds spiked to potentially lethal levels one weekend when I was gone, from 250 ppm to almost 1000 ppm, I don't know how this spiked occurred but I didn't lose a single shrimp during it. Highly recommend. on 18th Oct 2017

    6. Gorgeous Blue Dream!

      I am always looking at these guys in awe. They are stunning and even better than I expected! on 30th Aug 2017

    7. Lively, Great Color!

      My first dream blues from another vendor took 2 weeks to ship, 1/5 showed up dead, and the rest were infected with parasites. :(

      The SoShrimp dream blues, on the other hand, ALL showed up active and alive, in great health and color, and were at my door within days of hitting Buy.

      If you're looking for a great online buying experience and healthy stock, start here.

      on 2nd Jun 2017

    8. shimp look just like the pictures/videos on site

      I ordered 30 of these, packaging was great, and I couldnt have asked for better looking blue dream shrimp. I had very high expectations and I was very happy with the results. All were healthy and started feeding once introduced into tank. on 7th Nov 2016

    9. Couldn't be more BLUE!

      Super Pretty Shrimp! 100% live arrival, 11 of 11. Peppy and happy to be here. Great packaging and super communications post sale. A real Quality Vendor! Simply Fantastic! on 15th Sep 2016

    10. Pretty shrimp

      I was worried about the shrimp since where I live was pretty hot. The insulation kept them nice and cool. The shrimp were very active and pretty. on 15th Aug 2016

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